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Some states require Voter ID. To determine what you need and if you need help, visit Vote Riders or call 844-338-8743.

What is your social security number? You’ll need it to register. Find your Social Security Number here.




Registering Smart!

If you have a choice (most states offer that), vote in a way that is best for YOU. If you can do it TOGETHER with your friends, even better. You can all vote by mail or absentee and Party to the Mailbox.




How do you want to vote?

If you have the choice to vote by mail (or absentee), it’s best to decide when you register. Otherwise you will be voting early (if allowed) or on Election Day.

If you have a choice (most states offer that), vote in a way that is best for YOU. If you can do it TOGETHER with your friends, even better. You can all vote by mail or absentee and Party to the Mailbox.

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Types of Voting

Be ahead of the game when registering. Know which works best for you.


By Mail

No Car? Can’t miss school or work? Can’t make it to the polls on election day? No problem! Find out here if you are living in one of the 37 states that allow voting by mail (sometimes also called “absentee”).

Easy. You can fill out your ballot anywhere. Then drop in the mail. Make sure you follow directions and use a stamp if needed.

Need to keep on top of mail. Need to be sure to follow directions – sign it, and use stamp if needed.


By Absentee

If you’re a student and you want to vote back home, you can vote by absentee. All states offer absentee ballots, though the rules for who can use one vary.

This is the only way that lets you participate in your elections back home without having to go home for the elections.

If you don’t put your school address as your mailing address, you have to get it sent to you by your family.



Be one of the first to be heard. Want to vote in person but avoid the stress and lines on election day? See when your state opens its polls early.

Fit it into your schedule more easily. Get it done!

There might be only be one location at which you can do it at – such as the County Clerks’ office.


Election Day

The all-time favorite. Get together with friends and make it a celebration. You can also drop off mail-in ballots in person the day of! Stay up to date on your state’s polling places.

Some people enjoy being part of a national event.

Some places are empty, but some have long lines. If you leave if for the last day, you have to wait.



Living away from home?

If you are living away from home, the Supreme Court says you can vote from either your (parent’s) home or your school address.

That gives you an unusual power to decide where your vote is worth the most.

YES, you can register at home or school!

YES, you will keep your financial aid!

YES, your parents can keep you as a tax deduction!

Where is your vote worth the most?

It's important to think about what state or district needs your vote the most.

  • Are you in a “Swing State”?

    A state like Wisconsin was decided by only 21,000 votes.

  • Is there an issue that your home has a crucial vote on?

    Issues like abortion, legalizing marijuana or climate change are often impacted in state races more than national races.

  • Is there a candidate you want to support?

    A local Mayor back home or a US Congressperson at school?

Registered at home, but want to vote while in school?

If you choose to vote for your home district, you can opt for an absentee or mail-in ballot, so you don’t have to travel back home for an election.



By law, you are allowed to vote in either your home state or the state where you attend school BUT you cannot be registered in two states at once. If you would rather register where you can to school, you are free to do so as long as you have temporary or permanent residency there.

Some states have restrictions on the voting rights for felons. Click here to check the status of your state’s laws on voting rights for felons.

There is a lot of debate about the ethics of voter ID laws. Different states have different regulations and laws about what sort of identification you need in order to vote. But in general you will need a state-issued form of ID, such as a driver’s license or a passport. For students coming from out of state or without an in state Driver's License, this can be a challenge.

To determine what you need and if you need help to get an ID, there is a great organization, Vote Riders, that can help. If you need further assistance or believe your Voter ID rights are being denied, call 844-338-8743. 

Check here to find your state voter ID requirements:

YES! You do not necessarily need a street address in order to prove residency in a state. You can provide your local government with the street address of a park or even a street corner as your address if you do not have another option.

This varies state by state. There are some states that allow you to register on the same day as Election Day but this is NOT THE CASE WITH ALL STATES. In order to be sure, register at least 30 days ahead of election day if you can. Check your local state government website in order to be sure about the the deadlines for registering to vote in your state

In some states, yes. You can learn more here.

Registered? Now invite others to!

Registering is the first step. Now pledge with friends.
  • Pledgister together.

    Invite three (or more!) friends to pledge and register with you.

  • Host a party.

    Head on over for coffee, a potluck, to the beach - wherever you like to hang out. Grab your friends and register together!

  • It's more fun with a crowd.

    Help each other claim your power. Ignite conversation, get party ideas, and vote early together!

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